Choose Cash – Use It Or Lose It


New unisex tees available on the website! Especially for all those of a ‘certain age’ 😀 #throwbackeighties

On a serious note this is important, get the message out, we cannot afford to lose cash, digital currency will be the end of any ‘freedoms’ we have left. All your transactions will be tracked.

❌No saving cash for a ‘rainy day’
❌No selling unwanted items for cash
❌No tips for staff
❌No piggy banks for kids
❌No tooth fairy
❌No giving to the homeless or needy

✅ Every penny you receive will be recorded
✅ The state decides when, where, and on what you may spend your money
✅ Power outages = no money

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Width, in17.9920.0022.0124.0225.9827.99
Length, in27.9929.0230.0031.0232.0132.99
Sleeve length, in8.909.179.459.7210.0010.39


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